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Say Hello To The EveryTool Definitive Joiners Collection

Similar to our kitchen fitting collection, we at EveryTool have decided to bundle together five specialized Dimar router cutters. Whether they're for a DIY bookshelf venture, or for professional use on-site, these routers will not fail you.

The aim of the game is simple. This blog post is to help you get away from the computer screen, and back out onto the job. Instead of spending hours tracking down router bits, we have compiled some of the best cutters from within our catalogue.

From the web, straight to your door. 

Router Bits Fashioned To Last

Not all router cutters are made equal, except at Dimar. Each bit, small and large, is mulled over and expertly manufactured.

Unlike other the router cutter brands seen on job sites across the UK, Dimar router bits are not made in a nondescript factory sprung up within the last 10 years in Asia, Dimar has been manufacturing and perfecting their craft since 1960. With factories in Germany, Sweden, and Israel. 

These cutters, if treated well, will last you ten times longer than most other bits you have owned previously without any work required. But to get the most out of your Dimar cutters, it may be useful to look into a sharpening stone. As all of Dimars router cutters can be resharpened, it can be easy to quickly breathe some new life into your favourite bit. 

Router Cutter Collection for Joinery - The Definitive Collection 

Now, enough of the gushing salesman talk. Let's start talking about the cutters themselves.

We have chosen to bring across the 1075838 straight two-flute worktop cutter, as it's just too great of a bit to pass up on. With the solid carbide inserts, and 50mm cutting depth, it is perfect for creating a worktop space. The strength of the blades allow it to route through; hard and softwoods, laminate, ply and MDF. Not only this, but the efficient waste clearance of the bit guarantees a smooth and clean edge; without burning the material. 

Speaking briefly of laminates, however, this bit specifically works incredibly well with the Titman Edge worktop jig (EWJ650). The jig allows for the routing of both male and female joints, with a handy dog bones aperture as an added bonus. Putting these two bits of kit together allows for efficient routing, and creation of worktops minimising the stress while maximising the accuracy.

Specifications of the 1075838:

  • 12.7mm diameter
  • 50mm depth of cut
  • overall length: 108mm


The Versatile Biscuit Router Cutter

For a bit that specialises in the cutting of narrow slots or grooves, let's turn to the 1083168 biscuit cutter. Not only does this bit come with three separate bearings that allow for the changing of the depth of the blades, but it also comes with the exact same strength in it's 'wings' being created with tungsten with solid carbide inserts.

The bearings come in three different sizes; 12.77mm, 16mm to 19mm. Each allowing for a different depth to be achieved. The 1083168 also allows for the cutting of spline joints, for a professional and classic finish. This bit is probably the most versatile router cutter you will ever own.

Specifications of the 108316

  • 37.2mm diameter 
  • 1/2" shank
  • overall length: 76mm


Dimar 45-degree Bearing Guided Chamfer Blade 

Now onto chamfering. We have picked out the 1180014 bearing guided chamfer bit. The blades cut at a 45-degree angle, allowing for the easy smoothing of sharper corners or shelves. This is a must-have for any joiner, as it allows for the moulding of V-shape grooves, making for a simple yet widely applicable groover. 

Specifications of the 1180014

  • 31.8 diameter
  • 1/2" shank
  • overall length: 51mm
  • 45-degree angle


Tidying Things Up - 90 Degree Bearing Guided Trimming Cutter

Before rounding things off its important to make sure everything is at its correct depth, and length. To trim and cut away edges accurately we chose the 1010168. This 90 degree be bearing two flute cutter has a cutting depth of 38.1mm, allowing it to freshen up tighter spots. Stripping away any waste leftover from larger cutters that can't quite reach. This bit allows for the last step in finalising your work.

Specifications of the 1010168:

  • 12.7mm diameter
  • 38.1mm depth of cut
  • overall length 99mm


Rounding Things Off - Dimars Bearing Guided Ovolo Cutter

For rounding off, finishing and ovolo edge mouldings we have included the 1090198 bearing guided ovolo cutter. Fitted with two flute solid carbide inserts, there's not a question that this bit will handle anything thrown at it.  Able to cut through hardwood and abrasive materials, it is the perfect finishing blade. This bit can also able to achieve a bullnose effect by cutting either side of timber twice the width of the radius size. What's not to love?

Specifications of the 1090198

  • 38mm diameter
  • 12.7mm radius
  • 19mm depth of cut
  • overall length 67mm


Which router cutters do you rely on for your cabinet making and worktop fitting? Let us know in the comments. And if you have any router cutter queries, our team is happy to help.

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