Kitchen Fitters - The Deluxe Kitchen Router Cutter Collection

Meet The EveryTool Kitchen Fitter Deluxe Router Cutter Collection

To follow up our blog post on draining grooves - and some of the necessary pieces of kit that will guarantee you a smooth consistent finish every time - we at EveryTool have bundled together some of the essential router cutters manufactured by the Dimar Group.

Our aim is to save you time browsing the internet for individual router bits, and instead provide you with a quality kit that will maximize efficiency and customer happiness.

Click here to see our deluxe kitchen fitter router cutter set in all it's glory. 

More details below.

kitchen fitter router cutter set

Don’t Buy Cheap - You’ll Only End Up Buying Twice

It’s worth mentioning at the outset that Dimar router cutters are not mass-produced in Asian warehouses. Why does this matter? Other popular router cutter brands are, which allows them to sell their cutters cheaply.

But the old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” comes into play. Dimar cutters are true professional products, they’re not made cheaply to be used a few times then thrown away.

Each cutter uses high-quality tungsten carbide for the tips. The quality of carbide used ensures many more metres of cut before the tip blunts. And it’s possible to sharpen the tips to give you even more lifespan.

To that end we're including a diamond sharpening credit card stone and benchtop mat to allow you to sharpen your router cutters.

The EveryTool Kitchen Fitter Router Collection

So, let's get into the meat and gravy. What is actually in our collection?

For starters let's pick up where we left off on the draining groove. For these grooves, the 1063404 will give you a smooth, even and consistent cut. And when used with the EDGJIG an incredibly accurate depth gradient. The ¼" shank makes it perfect for smaller routers ensuring slow and definite control over the process.

Specifications of the 1063404:

  • 5mm radius
  • 10mm diameter
  • 18mm depth of cut

Professional Kitchen Worktop Router Cutter

Now, onto the rest of the kitchen. We have selected the 1075838 Dimar worktop cutter. It's fitted with a plunge tip and solid carbide inserts for increased strength. The carbide inserts will guarantee a sharper and cleaner edge with less waste build-up, due to the shape of the cutter.

Another important thing to consider is using this cutter with the Titman Edge worktop jigs; which allows for both male and female joints, with an aperture for dog bones also. (EWJ650). The router cutter and jig combination are such important tools for the job that the affordable price is almost jaw dropping. 

Straight Two Flute Router Cutter for Worktops - 12.7mm Diameter x 50mm - 1/2" Shank - DIMAR


Specifications of the 1075838:

  • 12.7mm diameter
  • 50mm depth of cut
  • overall length: 108mm

Professional Kitchen Fitter Trimming Router Cutters With Bearing Guides

For an even, cleaner finishing trim for cuts and tight angles, we have included the 1010168 Dimar bearing guided trimming cutter. This cutter is specifically designed to glide along the laminate while tidying up the edges of your freshly cut and soon to be fitted worktops and counters.

Without this piece of kit, there would be no easier way to accurately meet your measurements. The kit also comes with the 1010198, which is the taller brother of the two. This gives you added versatility that one cutter just doesn’t… well, cut!



Specifications of the 1010168:

  • 12.7mm diameter
  • 38.1mm depth of cut
  • overall length 99mm


Specifications of the 1010198:

  • 12.7mm diameter
  • 51mm depth of cut
  • overall length: 108mm


Professional Kitchen Fitting Router Cutters - The Finishing Touches

Let’s start thinking about finishing touches. Once everything is measured and fitted, and the room begins to come together there are still a few jobs to be done. Chamfering the edges of those freshly fitted counters is so important, and once you’ve gotten to this stage of the job a screw up could mean it was all in vain. To defend against this we have included the 1024524 replaceable blade trimming cutter.

This cutter allows you to, with the provided hex key, remove and replace the carbide blades. Although all Dimar Cutters are resharpenable, sometimes it’s nice to start fresh. And the 1024524 gives you that option, for a time and time again professional finish.

Specifications of the 1024524:

  • 27mm diameter
  • 12mm depth of cut
  • overall length: 56mm

Customers are happy. The job is done. Tea is served. And on to the next one. But perhaps before starting your next kitchen fitting gig, it would be helpful to sharpen up those cutters before going back in again. Check out our selection of diamond sharpening products.

All designed by James Barry Sharpening, the best monocrystalline diamond sharpening slabs on the market.

You can see the EveryTool Kitchen Fitter Router Cutter Collection here.

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