Lapping Fluid - Why You Need to Use It

In our guides to sharpening chisels and router cutters, we make great effort to encourage you to always use lapping fluid.

This guide will explain why the Original Formula Lapping Fluid, developed by James Barry, should be the only lapping fluid in your kit.

Resharpening your tools is a regular piece of maintenance we know many of you carry out. Whether its chisels, carving knives, router cutters, Forstner bits or even saw blades, resharpening is always cost-effective. 

However, when you're resharpening, the quality of the lapping fluid matters just as much as the quality of the diamond sharpening stone.

Why Use Orginal Formula Lapping Fluid

You don't want to cause rust on your tools or blades and you certainly don't want to damage the stone. You need the swarf to clear quickly and easily as you sharpen. And you want to be able to quickly clean off the stone with a cleaning block.

Good quality lapping fluid ticks all of those boxes, and that's why we only stock the Orginal Formula Lapping Fluid, used for over 30 years in the engineering world and developed by world-famous diamond sharpening expert James Barry.

The James Barry Orginal Formula Lapping Fluid creates a viscous lubricating coating to the diamond stone and that protects against rusting the stone or the tool, or the stone clogging with swarf from the object you're sharpening. This is all thanks to the lapping fluid being a synthetic-based petroleum lubricant. It's specifically designed with the correct viscosity for using on electroplated diamond stones.

How to Use Orginal Formula Lapping Fluid

A little goes a long way. So, apply just a few drops to the diamond stone and spread it across the surface as evenly as possible. By doing so you're guaranteeing a faster sharpening process while at the same time protecting the diamond surface of the stone.

And all of the diamond sharpening products we sell are guaranteed by Titman Edge for 5 years if you use Original Formula Lapping Fluid.


Depending on the tool or accessory you're sharpening, have a look at our sharpening guides:

How Long Will the Lapping Fluid Last

James Barry estimates that, when used correctly, you'll get around 12 months worth of tool sharpening from a 100ml bottle. We have 3 bottle sizes to choose from, and we have the keenest prices (more affordable than the imitations sold elsewhere).

It's time to speed up the sharpening process. Spend more time on the tools than maintaining the tools. Get yourself a bottle of the James Barry created Original Formula Lapping Fluid here.

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