Kitchen Fitting Router Cutters - The Essential 3 Piece Trio

Sometimes, less is more. Say hello to our new kitchen fitting trio.

You may have read, and researched our previous kitchen fitting router collection and thought to yourself, “Most of this **** I probably won’t use”. And that’s an understandable thing to say, which is why we’ve come up with the barebones essential trio that can cover anything you may need to do when fitting a clients kitchen, or your very own.

We’ll keep this short and sweet, by detailing what the bit can do, and the specifications of the blade and shank. Our mission is to keep you away from the mouse and keyboard, by supplying you with reliable well-manufactured tools and blades. From the web, straight to your front door. 

Watch our quick video showcases our 3 picks.

Quality Over Quantity

As always, at EveryTool we seek out the best. Which is why when we heard about Titman Edges’ catalogue of Trade Cutters, we had to dive in. Headfirst. Titman Tools manufacture some of the best blades on the market. With 45 years of experience behind them, it is a guarantee that you are getting quality and precision with every bit. 

From humble beginnings in a backstreet shed in London to becoming world-renowned for innovation and cutting edge technology, these will be some of the best router cutters you will ever own. All painstakingly handcrafted by time-served craftsmen that have extreme pride over their work. Buy British.


The Rule Of Thirds

The first cutter we’ll be having a look at is the E153HTC two flute worktop cutter. With a 12.7mm diameter, this blade can cut up to 50mm deep; strengthened by solid carbide inserts, this bit confidently, and efficiently routes through hardwood, laminate and composite materials like ply and MDF with ease. Leaving you with a clean, sharp edge you won’t even have to break into a sweat. 

Specifications of the E153HTC:

  • 12.7mm diameter
  • 50mm depth of cut
  • 93.5 overall length
  • ½’ shank size

The Cove Cutter

For a fine, smooth and even draining groove, we have chosen to include the E056AHTC. Just like the previous router bit this bit is strengthened by solid carbide inserts, meaning it will glide through the laminate. With a 9.5mm radius and a diameter of 19.1mm, it can also be effectively put to use when putting an edge onto boards, with the versatility to also reliably decorate panels. This blade will consistently leave you and your customers happy, with an unbelievable finish.

Perhaps you would also be interested in having a look at the 700mm Titman Edge draining groove jig (EDGJIG). With better qualities than Trends, it has a 5º constant groove fall. Handily equipped with a grub screw, so you can forget about the fears of bowing while routing.

Check out our blog post here when we covered Couple a’ Tools use of the jig while working with Apollo slab tech.

Specifications of the E056AHTC:

  • 9.5mm radius
  • 19.1 diameter
  • ½” shank size
  • 32mm depth of cut

The Versatile Biscuit Cutter

Titman Edge has some of the most versatile biscuit blades on the market. Efficiently cutting out slim grooves for a tight and consistent fit. We have chosen the E152HTC biscuit router cutter; coming equipped with three different bearings sizing in at 2.7mm,16mm and 19mm changing the depth of the blade itself is shockingly accurate.

These bearings will support ‘0’ ‘10’ and ‘20’ sized biscuits. Like all Titman Edge bits, they are strengthened with solid carbide inserts, meaning the ‘wing’ blades on this bit are better than anything you have previously used. 

Specifications of the E152HTC:

  • 37.2 diameter
  • ½” shank size


Let us know if you think this barebones collection of cutters meets the requirements of most of your kitten fitting jobs. What else would you include? 
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