Which Decking Screws Do You Need? VIDEO GUIDE

At the time of writing we're a few months away from when an outdoor deck in a garden will be something that's actually used. But planning ahead is always a good idea. With that in mind, we've brought in decking and timber screws to help you build the deck of you - or your customer's - dreams.

What Decking Screws Do We Have in Stock?

The range of decking screws includes C2 Advanced Decking Timber Screws in tubs of 250 and Solo Decking screws in tubs of 200 or 1000. Both are manufactured by Timco. In addition, we also have a great range of timber screws with helix heads.

Let’s take a quick look at the C2 advanced decking screws.

  • These are the premium decking screws in the range
  • They featured a patented multi-layer corrosion-resistant plating that will withstand 1000 hours in a salt-spray cabinet.
    • Assuming you won’t be using them in a salt-spray cabinet, you can be sure that the won’t rust when used in a typical decking application…
  • They feature a new design that ensures the screws are driven quickly and effortlessly into the decking with a clean countersink thanks to ribs under the screw head
  • The screw heads themselves are strengthened to prevent shearing when they’re installed using an impact driver
  • And they feature a patented twin cut technology for rapid “pick up” to reduce timber splitting

So that’s the C2 Advanced Screws, what about the Solo decking screws?

Like the C2 screws, these also feature ribbing under the counter sunk heads to improve counter sinking

  • Even though these are the economy line of decking screws, they still have fantastic corrosion resistance, tested to 500 hours in a salt spray cabinet
  • They have a helix shank to remove debris while driving and to improve clamping
  • And they have 25 degree sharp point and single lead to give you a fast start and great thread acceptance

We’ve got a huge range of decking screws in stock at, ready to ship straight to you. See them all here.

And the price you see is the price you pay; no hidden costs at checkout, shipping and VAT are included.

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