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Autojack AIR100L 100L Oil Belt Driven Air Compressor

Our 100 Litre air compressor is perfect for trade and serious DIY applications such as impact wrenches, spray-painting, drilling, cutting, sanding, nailing and grinding thanks to its huge 100L capacity coupled with an impressive air displacement of 354 Litres/Min (7.5CFM) It offers a fantastic combination of performance, safety and value for money.

Product Code: AIR100L

More Info £299.95

Autojack AIR24L 24L Direct Drive Air Compressor

The Autojack 24 Litre air compressor is a powerful 1.5hp motor allowing it to provide great compression, complied with its small size and easy moveability makes this compressor a great addition to the home or workshop.

Product Code: AIR24L

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Autojack AIR50VL 50L Oil Free Belt Driven Compressor

The AIR50LV 50 Litre Compressor consists of an oil-free, single piston pump, belt driven by a 2hp motor fixed to a vertical type tank. The compressor is fitted with a fully automatic pressure cut-out switch and air regulator with gauge. It comes supplied with handle and wheels for easy maneuverability.

Product Code: AIR50LV

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Autojack AIR6L 6L Oil Free 1.5HP 115 PSI Compressor

The Autojack AIR6L offers oil free operation cutting down on maintenance. This high quality compressor has been designed with a powerful 1.2kW motor, Offering a 116psi maximum pressure, it packs quite a punch for it's size. This compressor requires a 230v (13amp) supply. Featuring an integrated control panel with easy to read gauge and neat rear cable storage hooks to keep the compressor neat and tidy when not in use.

Product Code: AIR6L

More Info £89.95