EDGE Professional Tools ESMOOTH Jig

No planer thicknesser? No problem. Struggle to make trench cuts? No problem. The ESMOOTH Jig from EDGE Professional Tools is one of the most revolutionary tools for on site and in the workshop.

ESMOOTH JIG - Flexible to Work the Way You Need it to

Not only does it allow you to quickly and easily use your router to smooth timber up to 400 mm wide, using the 4 supplied skids, you can work on long pieces of timber too.

esmooth jig in action

Additional skids are available, allowing you to work on longer pieces of timber without needing to reset.

Accurately edge off any material, with the appropriate cutter fitted, using the ESMOOTH Jig. At the 2019 Woodworking Show in Harrogate, one customer purchased the jig to allow them to quickly and easily route rebates for ornate inserts on guitar necks.

esmooth jig in action

We're confident the ESMOOTH Jig will find loads of uses in your workflow. And it's compact enough to be stored in your tool bag or mounted on the way when you're not using it.

You can find the ESMOOTH Jig on our shop here.