Trimming Router Cutter - 9.5mm Diameter x 25.4mm - 1/4" Shank - DIMAR

Trimming Router Cutter - 9.5mm Diameter x 25.4mm - 1/4" Shank - DIMAR

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1/2" shank bearing guided 90º trimming router cutter with two flutes, solid carbide inserts for increased strength, offering cleaner sharper edges and efficient waste clearance.


  • 9.5mm diameter
  • 25.4mm cutting depth
  • Provided with 9.5mm bearing

NOTE: DIMAR cutters are not mass-produced in Asia unlike those sold by other famous router brands. DIMAR cutters cost a little more but last significantly longer.


  • For trimming and bevelling timber, lippings, and plastic laminate edges or any shaping applications.
  • Self-guiding trimmer with bearings mounted on the end of the cutter.
  • For trimming plastic or plywood overlay.
  • For copy profiling, use the bearing to follow a template or base edge of the board.
  • A 3mm approximate overlap should be left before copy profiling.
  • When using plastic laminate always allow laminate adhesive to dry before trimming.
  • This avoids clogging the guide bearing.

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