Bearing Trimming Router Cutter - 12.7mm Diameter x 25.4mm Depth of Cut - 1/2" Shank - DIMAR

Bearing Trimming Router Cutter - 12.7mm Diameter x 25.4mm Depth of Cut - 1/2" Shank - DIMAR


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1/2" shank bottom bearing guided trimming cutter, with two flutes, solid carbide inserts for increased strength, offering cleaner sharper edges and efficient waste clearance.


  • Provided with 1x bearing radius: 12.7mm
  • 12.7mm diameter
  • Cutter depth of 25.4mm
  • 1/2" Shank

NOTE: DIMAR cutters are not mass-produced in Asia unlike those sold by other famous router brands. DIMAR cutters cost a little more but last significantly longer.

Extend the life of your router cutters by adding our Router Cutter Sharpening Kit to your order.

High-quality carbide, ideal for hard and softwoods and abrasive materials such as laminates, ply, MDF, and chipboard. 1/2 In shank for larger routers with 'k' mark and speed setting etched on the shank to ensure safe working practices.

For trimming and bevelling timber, lippings and plastic laminate edges or any shaping applications.

  • Self-guiding trimmer with bearings mounted on the end of the cutter.
  • For trimming plastic or plywood overlay.
  • For copy profiling, use the bearing to follow a template or base edge of the board.
  • A 3mm approximate overlap should be left before copy profiling

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