Bearing Guided Profile Cutter - 19mm x 50mm 1/2" Shank - DIMAR

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Professional 19mm bearing guided profile cutter. Features 2 tungsten carbide tipped flutes for the cleanest possible cut.

NOTE: DIMAR cutters are not mass-produced in Asia unlike those sold by other famous router brands. DIMAR cutters cost a little more but last significantly longer.

For rebating and trimming edges, manufactured with high-quality carbide, ideal for hard and softwoods and abrasive materials such as laminates, ply, MDF and chipboard.

1/2 In shank for larger routers with 'k' mark and speed setting etched on the shank to ensure safe working practices.

Add more lifespan to your cutters by quickly and easily re-sharpening the tips. Add the following to your cart:


  • 1/2" shank bearing guided profiler two flute cutter
  • 19mm diameter
  • 50mm cutting depth
  • top bearing guided cutter, with two flutes, solid carbide inserts for increased strength, offering cleaner sharper edges and efficient waste clearance
  • provided with 19mm bearing

Product Code: 1072048

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