DURUM – Phillips Screwdriver Bit PH2 150mm - DB106

DURUM – Phillips Screwdriver Bit PH2 150mm - DB106

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Suitable for use with impact drivers. NOTE: Shipping is included in the price!

DURUM Screwdriver Bits have been developed for Industrial and Trade applications where users have been demanding a better quality bit. DURUM  Screwdriver Bits are more durable and deliver MORE TORQUE to the TIP so that users can get the job done better and faster.

Developed to handle the high torque modern Impact Drivers deliver, DURUM  Screwdriver Bits will driver more fasteners ensuring you have less downtime changing out bits.

DURUM Screwdriver Bits are developed for a precision fit to their respective fasteners, which results in a longer-lasting bit (and fastener), as well as a better finish when applications demand precision (e.g. coloured fasteners).


  • Head: Phillips Insert
  • Bit: PH2
  • Length: 150 mm
  • Shank: 1/4-Hex
The feedback we received at the 2019 Woodworking and Power Tool Show in Harrogate on the DURUM – Phillips Screwdriver Bit PH2 150mm - DB106 was fantastic. Add it to your kit today for only £3.99.