Multi-Function Table Router Jig - EMFT - Features and Benefits - VIDEO GUIDE

Making your own multi-function table top is affordable and easy! And you can make it to your exact specifications. How? Using the EMFT Jig from Titman Edge.

What Are the Features and Benefits of the EMFT Jig?

Right away the biggest thing you need to know about this jig is that it’s designed and manufactured in the UK.

And at EveryTool we’re passionate about supporting, not only the UK’s tradespeople, but also British manufacturing.

So, what does the EMFTJIG allow you to do?

Quite simply, create your own multi-function tabletop to your own specifications. While there are other multi-function table jigs on the market, this MFT jig has a couple of unique features, apart from being made here in the UK.

First, it has an aperture that allows you to route out a carry handle for your tabletop.

Or, if you use a Radius Cove Cutter such as the E054HTC – which is also designed and manufactured in Britain – you can route a shallow groove to house your pencil.

What about the large circular aperture?

That’s another unique feature of the EMFTJIG. It allows you to route a hole for holding your travel coffee mug.

What Are the Aperture Sizes and Spacing?

A question we’re often asked about the EMFTJIG is what size are the apertures and what’s the spacing between them?

The apertures themselves have a diameter of 20mm and they have the industry standard for multi-function table tops of 96mm spacing between them. That’s from hole centre to hole centre.

In the box along with the jig you get 4 aluminium dogs, also made in Britain. The dogs are milled from aluminium so they won't expand or contract in the heat or cold.

You use these while you’re routing the apertures out to hold the jig in place, and then they can be used as material stops on the table.

Titman Edge also make an Corner Squaring Jig for use on multi-function tabletops. Using the aluminium dogs you can use this jig to hold your workpiece at 45 or 90 degree angles.

What about the router bit that you should use when making your multi-function tabletop?

We recommend the 46DHTC ½” shank 20mm diameter bit, again, designed and manufactured in the UK by Titman, who’ve been making router bits since 1973.

You also need to fit a 30mm guide bush to your router as this is what will ensure the base of the router sits firmly into the jig’s apertures.

So that’s the Titman Edge EMFTJIG, designed and made in Britain, allowing you to make your own multi-function tabletops.

We have it in stock and you can buy it on its own, or in a bundle with either the router bit or with the Easy Corner Squaring Jig.


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