We have a huge range of saw blades in the sizes and tooth counts you need to get the job done efficiently.

Each saw blade has tungsten carbide tipped teach and a non-stick coating to help the blade run sharper for longer and prevent the build up of sticky resin.


EveryTool is an official stockist of the full range of diamond sharpening products and accessories developed by James Barry Sharpening.

From the 8" classic professional diamond bench stone, to needle files, original formula lapping fluid and more, we have the full range in stock.


Shop our extensive range of router cutters. From DIMAR to British-made Titman and the all-new British-made Titman Edge Trade Range, select the type of cutter you need below.


A series of short films produced by us to showcase real tradespeople using real tools in the real world.

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Watch our video tutorials on how to get the most from the products we sell.

Support British Manufacturing.

We stock a wide range of router cutters manufactured in Britain.

See the Titman Edge Trade Range.


How to Sharpen a Forstner Bit Using James Barry Sharpening Technology

Stop the Smoking So you've got a Forstner bit that you've been using for a while. It's causing more and more mess wit...

Lapping Fluid - Why You Need to Use It

This guide will explain why the Original Formula Lapping Fluid, developed by James Barry, should be the only lapping fluid in your kit. Resharpening your tools is a regular piece of maintenance we know many of you carry out. Whether its chisels, carving knives, router cutters, Forstner bits or even saw blades, resharpening is always cost-effective.  However, when you're resharpening, the quality of the lapping fluid matters just as much as the quality of the diamond sharpening stone.

How to Smooth Uneven Timber Without a Planer Thicknesser

At times you'll be faced with a job where all the lengths of wood you're working with absolutely need to be the same thickness. But, as if often the case, many of them aren't. Some are even slightly warped or bowed. This is where you need a planer thicknesser, or a mate who owns one, right? Not anymore.

Trend or Titman Edge: Which Router Cutters Should You Add to Your Kit?

When you choose a new router cutter, do you consider where or how it was made? Are mass-produced-in-China router cutters the best choice for you? Or is opting for a British-made by craftsmen router cutter the way forward?

About EveryTool

Welcome to EveryTool, where every day's a new tool day.

We fully understand the excitement of shopping for your new tool purchase. We're here to help you add the best possible new tools to your kit, whether it's for cabinet making, woodworking, joinery, diamond sharpening or fitting kitchens.

From our range of utility and worktop jigs from TITMAN EDGE Tools to our comprehensive range of essential diamond sharpening accessories, our goal is to provide you with a one-stop-shop for your tool needs.

everytool competitive pricing on tools and accessories

We Only Stock the Best at the Keenest Prices

We have products that you'll struggle to find anywhere else online, such as professional-grade router cutters made by Dimar to the best quality lapping fluid.

Where possible we'll offer all of these products at the most competitive prices, ensuring you have a fantastic customer service experience, partnered with speedy shipping.


You'll also get the chance to meet us at the UK's major tool shows throughout the year where we'll be demonstrating the latest innovations from our friends at TITMAN EDGE Tools

Friendly People for the Trades

We're a small team with a long history in the world of tools, power tools and accessories. We understand what you need to get the job done, either on the jobsite or the workshop. And we don't take you, our customer, for granted. Our mission is to give you the best possible service, the best possible products at the best possible prices.

We carry stock of the essentials we know you need, along with new, innovative products that we only bring into stock if we firmly believe you'll benefit from adding it to your kit.

We're Sociable, So Come and Say Hi

When you see us at a trade show, come and say hi! But you can reach out to us online via our Facebook Page and Instagram Account. We love hearing from our customers.

Titman Edge

We're a proud official stockists of Titman Edge products.

titman edge

From the brand's British-made router cutters, British-designed and manufactured router jigs, it's collaboration with James Barry (the world expert on diamond sharpening) to it's extensive range of saw blades, Titman Edge is proving it's much more than a cutter company.

Launched in 2020, but with the insight and experience almost 50 years in the world of woodworking, carpentry and power tools brings, Titman Edge is staking a claim where established brands have held a monopoly for years, despite (at times) launching inferior products.

Select the category of Titman Edge Product you're interested in:

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