TIMco Solo Woodscrews - Features and Benefits - VIDEO GUIDE

Quite simply, when you're undertaking most joinery applications, you're gonna need some screws. At EveryTool, we've got a huge range of woodscrews for you to choose from, bundled in boxes, plastic tubs or big multi-packs.

Let's take a look at the features and benefits of the Solo Woodscrews we've got in stock.

The range of woodscrews we’ve brought into stock are manufactured by TIMco and have the following features:

  • They’re wax lubricated. This means they’ve got great corrosion-resistance, an enhanced insertion time and extra driving torque.
  • They’re double counter sunk which reduces the risk of head shear and helps the completion of counter sinking
  • They have a 40 deep single thread to make sure the fixing is secure and to improve pull-out resistance

The screws can be used in all natural timbers and man-made boards and you can use them in masonry with the appropriate plastic plug.

We’ve got a huge range in stock at, from boxes of 200, a tough carry case with 1,200 assorted screws and even mixed pack of 1,400. See the range here.

At EveryTool the price includes shipping and VAT, so there are no hidden extras at checkout. The price you see is the price you pay.

You should also check out the complete range of products in stock for all joinery, woodworking and construction application.

And click here to see our Home Improvement and DIY range.

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